History of the Crusades
First Crusade to Jerusalem

November 1095. Pope Urban II ignited the passions of the Princes of Europe with his fiery sermon and call for a holy war against the Saracen Turks. Inspired by this cause, Sir Rodrigo, a young knight from Castile, set out to join the Crusade, but an unexpected encounter challenges his beliefs about the Pope’s proclamation, leaving him determined to uncover the truth. Throughout his fateful journey he experiences the epic triumphs and horrific tragedies of the First Crusade as they march toward Jerusalem.  His unrelenting quest for truth will test his very faith in God when the crusaders reach their final goal. 

First Crusade to Jerusalem


James Lopez

James Lopez is an author, educator, and a U.S. Army veteran whose personal experiences during the war in Iraq combined with his love of history and adventure were the inspiration for writing his first novel, Deus Vult, A Tale of the First Crusade. The tale is about one man’s search for truth and the struggles he faces which ultimately test his faith in God.

Trust and faith in God are two values which James believes have gotten him through some of the most difficult times in his life. When he’s not working or writing, James loves to scuba dive and travel to foreign countries to experience new cultures and learn about their history. One of his goals is to someday visit Jerusalem and the Holy Land and walk in those places that for now, exist only in his vivid imagination. 

Deus Vult
A Tale of the First Crusade

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